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Masonry Contractor - Design, Build, And Remodel

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F Diaz Masonry Construction does all types of commercial and residential masonry projects in San Antonio, TX. As a masonry contractor, we can help with every element of the construction process. Our services include masonry construction, design, installation, and repairs. No job is too small or big for our experienced masons. At F Diaz Masonry Construction, we want to do your masonry project right from the start! Our craftsmen are experienced in the most current construction and building methods.

As a masonry contractor, F Diaz Masonry Construction does:

Design, Build and Remodeling

F Diaz Masonry Construction takes pride in keeping our customers in the loop. We can help you design your dream project or work from your blueprints. We pay careful attention to details. From our first meeting to the final touches, we will execute your vision on time and on budget. We want to be your preferred residential and commercial masonry contractor. Our goal is customer satisfaction!

Whether a patio built for outdoor entertaining, a garden path, waterfall or driveway, exterior masonry can be both functional and appealing. Indoor brick and stone accents bring a timeless charm and warmth to the interior. We will be your partners in bringing ideas to life.

Natural masonry adds elegance and comfort with:

• Driveways and sidewalks
• Garden walls and patios
• Ponds and waterfalls
• Landscapes and steps
• Retaining walls
• And more!

The broad color range and textures of brick and stone enhance any landscape design and lessens the need for yard work.

Masonry and Water Features Beautify the Built Environment

We use the best materials. Our goal is to let your water feature looks so natural that onlookers could believe it was a natural product. Whether you want a fish pond, a traditional fountain, a stream, or a dramatic waterfall, the beauty of our craftsmanship will seamlessly merge with your vision to bring your idea to life.

Cleaning, Waterproofing, and Repairs

We offer waterproofing, power washing, and repair services.

Our restorative work demonstrates our skill in the art of masonry and includes:

• Historical renovations
• Cleaning and repointing
• Parging and resurfacing
• Replication rebuild
• Repairs of all types

Call us today for more information about all our masonry services!